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TheIJC 4-6 Oct 2016, D̈sseldorf

Welcome to The Inkjet Conference 2016

Now in its third year, TheIJC is established as the meeting point of the industry and our thanks go to everybody 

in the industry that has supported us in helping build our community.

The technical supply chain has many diferent starting points. Whether for luids or print systems, we all rely on 

others in our community for their products and expertise. Our contribution can only build on the contribution 

of others. Whether our starting point is base chemicals or a fully tested print bar, we rely on the technical 

knowhow and technical products from others.

The chemistry, the pumps, the ilters, the printheads, the electronics, the software, the laboratory equipment, 

the application and the market – at TheIJC we aim to share the knowledge of inkjet.

Many thanks to everybody who has contributed to TheIJC – our speakers, our exhibitors, our delegates and our 


We wish to thank you for joining the knowledge hub at TheIJC 2016 and we are looking forwards to seeing you 

again at TheIJC 2017.

Peter Buttiens, ESMA Steve Knight, Digital Direct Technologies


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