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TheIJC 4-6 Oct 2016, D̈sseldorf


Tuesday, 4 Oct 2016 WORKSHOPS

9:30-12:30Introduction to inkjetMasterclass in waveform tuningColour management and print

13:30-16:30Functional luidsSpeciality efects in textilesInkjet in packaging

Wednesday, 5 Oct 2016 CONFERENCE


8:30-9:30 Registration and tabletop networking

9:30-10:00 Inkjet market developments in print and packagingWill the next generation printheads have glass nozzles plates...

10:00-10:30 Variable data in industrial inkjet printingData-driven development of inkjet formulations using design of experiments
10:30-11:00 Inkjet developments and solutions for food and pharma packagingKnow your worklow – impact of input settings on the output colour

11:00-11:30 Networking cofee break

11:30-12:00 Improving surface cure with UVC LEDsUpcoming trends in digital technologies for textile
12:00-12:30 Inkjet solutions for in-line packagingBeneits of using pigment inks for textile printing: commercial, environmental...

12:30-13:00 Providing durable and robust SiMEMS products needed for industrial digital printingFastness and disperse printing

13:00-14:30 Networking lunch
14:30-15:00 Increasing eiciency of UV-LED curing systemsNano-pigment dispersions for industrial inkjet systems

15:00-15:30 Ejecting high-performance materials: Archipelago Technology’s Powerdrop...Understanding particle size requirements and limitations for inkjet printing...

15:30-16:00 Resists & more – industrial processes with inkjet printable resistsAn analysis of diferent ink recirculation architectures and their beneits
16:00-16:30 Networking cofee break

16:30-17:00 Performance and energy saving with air-cooled UV curing technologiesSoftware is as important a component as any hardware

17:00-17:30 Overcome the misunderstanding of drying in inkjet processesProcess monitoring of single pass printing by wide format image inspection
17:30-18:00 The MEMS RethinkThe wide operating range printhead RC1536

18:00-18:30 Colour measurement technologyPrecise UV LED Irradiance control for improved process stability and repeatability

18:30-19:30 Tabletop networking
19:30-21:30 Best Speaker Award & Networking dinner

Thursday, 6 Oct 2016 CONFERENCE


8:30-9:00 Registration and tabletop networking

9:00-9:30 10 things you should know about patentsInkjet market developments in print and packaging
9:30-10:00 ‘JetBar’ – An integrated module for printhead alignment and nozzle inspectionImpact of substrate's surface free energy on adhesion and polymerisation of UV DOD...

10:00-10:30 Does the advent of high performance printheads mean headaches for integrators...Ink-substrate-process-interaction: the holistic approach for industrial projects

10:30-11:00 Networking cofee break
11:00-11:30 Kodak Ultrastream Technology expands production inkjet into new applicationsWhat makes a successful aqueous ink: Some of the beneits and challenges...

11:30-12:00 Diaphragm pumps – the excellent choice for inkjet printersCrosslow iltration for inkjet ink luids and the toolbox for inkjet ink formulation

12:00-12:30 Ink delivery systems – design options and troubleshootingCollaboration of new screen print and Digiace inkjet print
12:30-13:30 Networking lunch

13:30-14:00 Inkjet inks for industrial applicationsParticle size and stability measurement in ink

14:00-14:30 Newly developed UV-curable inkjet technology for digital inkjet press Accurio Jet...Optimising print process factors for AquacureM inks
14:30-15:00 The Digital Front EndOrganic colorants for digital printing: Introduction and recent trends

15:00-15:30 Networking cofee break

15:30-16:00 Printhead controller boards for inkjet printheads and their role in the printing processPractical issues in the design of single pass industrial inkjet printers
16:00-16:30 Advancements in technologies for controlling pigment size and further properties7-Colour eXpanded gamut (XG) reproduction using CMYK+RGB colorants

16:30-17:00 Future trends in inkjet paper: Waterbased inkjet mainstream in every market segmentSinter-free hybrid metal-polymer inks for printed and lexible electronics

17:00-17:30 Increasing drop watching eiciencySynthesis of particles inks for inkjet printing of microelectronic components

17:30-18:00 Best Speaker Award & tabletop networking


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