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FREE INKJET Workshops - 23 October 2017

In its fourth year The Inkjet Conference is a well-established focal point for all technologies and applications related to inkjet. With the ever growing interest for the conference topics, we are proud to introduce three half-day workshops the day before the main event:


SteveKnight TheIJC2017Johannes Renner TheIJCworkshops201614:00-17:00: INTRODUCTION TO INKJET, chaired by Johannes Renner (iPrint) and Steve Knight (TheIJC)

For those new to inkjet this is an excellent introduction to the background and terminology. Printhead operation, ink types and typical applications are among the covered topics. Workshop includes practical demonstrations using one of the training rigs from The Inkjet Training Programme.


EddyHagen insights4print TheIJC201714:00-16:00: THE INNOVATION.MENU, chaired by Eddy Hagen (insights4print)

Innovation isn’t black magic. Nor is it rocket science. And certainly not BLA BLA BLA. Innovation consists of a large set of tools, backed by scientific research, that you can choose from. And it’s a large menu. Depending on your appetite and needs, you can pick the right tools from that menu. And that’s where THE INNOVATION.MENU comes in.

During this workshop Eddy Hagen, principal at insights4print.ceo, will introduce you into the wonderful world of innovation. The session is filled with easy to understand but revealing concepts and interesting anecdotes from both outside and within the printing industry. All participants will be engaged in exercises that put theory into practice. Your appetite for innovation will certainly grow after this session!

JanBaden druckprozess TheIJC2017ThomasPoetz 3T TheIJC2017MarcVanParys TexZeppelin TheIJC201714:00-17:00: DIGITAL TEXTILE PRINTING: FACING THE REALITY, chaired by Prof. Marc van Parys (TexZeppelin), Thomas Poetz (3T) and Jan Baden (druckprozess)

The goal of the workshop is to involve participants in a discussion about the current bottlenecks of digital textile printing, incl. colour management, pigment inks, pre- and post-processing, and other topics raised during the session. Furthermore, the workshop will thematise opportunities such as new business models which arise from the advances of digital technologies. Together we will look for potential answers to the challenges and we will learn what is driving the market.

The workshops take place on 23 October 2017 in the conference venue, Swissôtel Neuss/Düsseldorf and are free of charge. First come first served rule applies.


Oliver-Kammann.jpgJochen-Christiaens-2.jpgRoland-Biemans.jpgESMA EXPERT CAFÉ, chaired by Roland Biemans, Jochen Christiaens and Oliver Kammann

Next to the three workshops, the brand new ESMA Expert Café will take place. This is an open forum format for all conference attendees who want to know how to get the most out of their TheIJC experience. During this meet & greet session, you can ask questions to independent industry experts and discuss your specific expectations of TheIJC. The ESMA Expert Team will be available throughout the entire duration of the conference to guide you to relevant tabletop exhibitors or provide instant advice on technical and other topics. Feel free to pop-up at the Expert Café between 13:30 and 18:00 on Monday, the 23rd of October. No registration required.

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